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Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Division of Intramural Research

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Career Development

At each stage of your education, it is important to keep in mind "what's next," and how you will reach your goals. Your mentor(s) will be able to assist you in defining your future plans and how to achieve them. The primary responsibility, however, is yours. You may also be undecided about the best career path for you. Either way, there are users and materials to help.

Take advantage of the resources both within NICHD and across NIH to learn about career options, to refine your choices, to network with users inside and outside of NIH, and to build your portfolio of skills and abilities. This includes scientific expertise as well as associated professional skills, whether that is teaching, grant-writing, project management, or leadership opportunities. Attend presentations and panel discussions on various careers in the sciences.

The NICHD Office of Education has reference materials on careers. A collection of contact information for scientific and allied businesses in the private sector is available to consult. The office can also help you with job search strategies.